Matthews, Marner make ‘The Nutcracker’ cameos

TORONTO — Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews is used to playing in packed arenas under the bright lights. Put him in a colorful costume at The National Ballet of Canada, however, and it’s an entirely different story.

Matthews and teammate Mitch Marner made cameo appearances as Cannon Dolls in a performance of “The Nutcracker” on Wednesday night, a decision Matthews was having second thoughts about moments before stepping in front of the crowd.

“It was nerve-wracking,” Matthews said Thursday morning. “We jumped at the idea to do it. About 20 seconds before we went on stage I was really contemplating it, but I’m happy I did it. It was a pretty neat experience. Something not many people can say they’ve been able to participate in.”

The roles lasted about three minutes and didn’t involve any actual ballet — but both players said it seemed like an eternity.

“It felt like we were up there so quick,” Marner said. “But when we were in the moment it felt so long, which is kind of crazy.”

Clad in baggy pants, shirts and hats, the 21-year-olds were tasked with accompanying a cannon operator in the show. Matthews played the role of the excited Cannon Doll, waving his arms like a windmill, while Marner’s character was scared, often covering his mouth with his hands.

“My pants were massive on me,” said Marner, who claimed he didn’t have the same nerves as Matthews. “I kept joking around that I could fit three people into them.”

“Those outfits were pretty interesting,” said Matthews, who has appeared in a couple of fashion publications already this season. “Probably one of the most comfy outfits I’ve ever worn.”

So how did they determine the roles? Simple, because one doll had to jump in the arms of the other.

“Mitch said he couldn’t catch me,” said Matthews, who is 3 inches taller and nearly 50 pounds heavier than Marner. “That’s how we decided.”

“I wasn’t going to carry Matts off the stage,” Marner added.

Matthews and Marner, who watched the second act from the audience, were amazed at the athletic ability of the ballet dancers.

“They’re very talented,” Matthews said. “It’s crazy what they can do. Every time they jumped I was thinking in my head I would for sure fall and break my ankle doing this.”

Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly took in the show with his mom and was proud of his teammates.

“I got nervous for them so I’m sure they were nervous, but they were great,” Rielly said. “Good for those guys for getting up there.”

Florida Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo, whose team visited Toronto on Thursday night, playfully tweeted: “After such a big night should probably consider giving them the night off tomorrow no?”

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