Super Bowl chances for all 12 playoff teams

The 2018 NFL playoff field is set. But which team is most likely to take home the Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl LIII?

Here are the projections for all 12 teams, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index:

Super Bowl title chances: 30.5 percent

A meaningless loss on Sunday changes nothing: the Saints are FPI’s favorite to win the Super Bowl, and they are also the consensus favorites at sportsbooks.

Super Bowl title chances: 24.0 percent

Kansas City has the best chance to reach and win the Super Bowl among AFC teams.

Super Bowl title chances: 16.8 percent

Sean McVay has his team in strong position to make a run at the Super Bowl — if they can get by the Saints.

Super Bowl title chances: 12.8 percent

At times, it hasn’t been pretty for the Patriots this year. But the simple fact that they have a bye and the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick combination on their sideline puts New England in solid position to win another ring.

Super Bowl title chances: 4.2 percent

It speaks to the quality of the Chargers that FPI thinks they are narrow favorites on the road in Baltimore, but Los Angeles has a tough path to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl title chances: 2.5 percent

The defense is great, but offensive deficiencies mean that FPI thinks Chicago is a long shot to reach and/or win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl title chances: 2.0 percent

With Lamar Jackson now at the helm, the Ravens have a promising future. But a Super Bowl probably isn’t in the cards this year.

Super Bowl title chances: 2.0 percent

A Super Bowl run is unlikely, because FPI thinks that three other AFC playoff teams — the Chiefs, Patriots and Chargers — are all a good bit better than Houston.

Super Bowl title chances: 1.9 percent

After their rocky start to the season, it’s remarkable that the Seahawks have even a 2 percent chance to win the whole thing.

Super Bowl title chances: 1.8 percent

Anything is possible with Andrew Luck and the Colts’ offensive line, but a Super Bowl run will be tough this year.

Super Bowl title chances: 1.2 percent

Dallas has only an 11 percent shot to reach the conference championship game, let alone the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl title chances: 0.5 percent

They’ve beaten the odds with Nick Foles before, but it will be much harder this time around. FPI gives Philadelphia almost no shot to repeat.

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