It wouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that Tyreek Hill was clocked with the fastest max speed — according to NFL’s Next Gen Stats — for a wide receiver during a touchdown reception this season.

But you might be surprised to learn who had the fastest overall clocking, and which quarterback recorded the fastest time. Using NFL’s Next Gen Stats, we take a look at the fastest top speeds during touchdowns for each position this season.

Play: 58-yard reception in Week 1 win over the Chargers.

Play: 84-yard interception return in Week 8 win in Buffalo.

Play: 27-yard rush in Week 10 loss to the Saints.

Play: 70-yard reception in Week 8 win over the Jets.

Play: 53-yard reception in Week 12 loss to the Cowboys.

Play: 65-yard fumble return in Week 5 win over the Eagles.

Play: 36-yard interception return in Week 1 win over the Lions.

Play: 7-yard reception in Week 10 over the Jets.