BALTIMORE — Eric Weddle earned more than a $1 million incentive from the Baltimore Ravens winning the AFC North title on Sunday.

The Pro Bowl safety is in line to get an ice cream truck.

Hours before Sunday’s game against the Browns, a Ravens fan tweeted Weddle that he would buy one for him if Baltimore clinched the division. Weddle, who famously eats nearly a gallon of ice cream after every win, delivered this response after Baltimore’s 26-24 victory: “Sooooooooooooooooooo?????”

Cameron Smith, 26, a fan from Annapolis, Md., sent the ice cream truck tweet because he thought it would be a great motivator for the team.

“I believe it worked in a way,” Smith said. “I thought my fellow Ravens fans would get a kick out of it, and they sure did.”

Smith plans to follow through with his promise — with some help.

“I have had many people say they would contribute if I did start a GoFundMe, so I might start it,” Smith said. “I will stick to my word and buy it!”